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How would you pick a sleep site for the winter?

A SurroundScience milestone – visitors from 100 different countries have paid us a visit!

Zero-deforestation commitments pose acute challenges for commercial giants in the palm oil industry


Small monkeys take over the Amazon, when larger ones are hunted

Whale Week: Post One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

Kala: the new face of tigers in peril

Europe approves vet drug that killed off almost all of Asia’s vultures


Several Amazonian tree frog species discovered where only two existed previously

Cocaine: the new face of deforestation in Central America


The making of Amazon Gold

Scientists discover new gecko hanging on in single forest fragment

Alpine bumblebees capable of flying over Mt. Everest


Using stories to connect people to biodiversity: an interview with Tara Waters Lumpkin, Ph.D.



Scientists: well-managed forest restoration benefits both biodiversity and people

Mongabay article wins environmental news reporting prize


The quicksilver demon: rogue gold=mining is the world’s largest source of mercury pollution


Small invertebrates could be key to uncovering the mysteries of killer amphibian fungus

Recovering forests ‘heal’ themselves by speeding up nitrogen fixation

Camera-traps reveal surprising mammals at remote site in Honduras (photos)


A new chytrid fungus strikes salamanders dead

Scientists discover that even crocs have a fetish for food


What a load of *******!

Leaf Mimicry

Baby but spiny


Evolutionary Arms-Race Won by Moths

Expected to extraordinary, in the blink of an eye

How Not to be Eaten

Biting the Bullet

Scatological Scents

Dangerous Dinners


Friend or Foe: The bipolar social lives of Ice Rats

New Nature Films


Where have all the elephants gone?

Media Gallery: Where have all the elephants gone?

Swimming with sharks

H7N9: The New ‘Flu


I, Tardigrade

Slime glands and spinner fish


Magnificent Males

Shagged by a rare parrot

Fossil Feather Features

Dinner is calling, but I’m in no rush

A love-hate relationship

Backyard Cats


Sluggish Sex

Baywings Get Their Revenge

March Madness: Bat vs. Spider

Surrogacy On the Fly

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